Hilary is a dentist who came to Dr. James to discuss how best to close the spaces between her teeth. During previous orthodontic care (braces), spaces had been intentionally left between her teeth to give her the best fit of her upper teeth to her lower teeth. These spaces bothered Hilary. She was also concerned that her teeth were too small, relative to the size of her mouth. She wished to create natural looking teeth that were in good proportion to her dental arches and her face.

What we did

Hilary was treated with porcelain veneers, giving her well-proportioned, close-fitting teeth without sacrificing the fit of her upper and lower teeth. This conservative approach allowed for the best esthetics and long term function of her teeth.

Hilary is very pleased with her new smile:  “I am so happy with my veneers. I feel like I grew new teeth!”

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