Jackson is a high school senior active in Nordic skiing, cross country running and soccer.  His talent and dedication to athletics has helped him mature into an accomplished athlete.  Unfortunately, he received a battle scar in the form of a fractured front tooth along the way.  His local dentist was able to quickly make repairs to the broken tooth, but it remained stunted as the surrounding teeth continued to develop.

When Jackson came to see us, he was interested in matching his front tooth with the rest of his smile. Given his young age, Dr. James waited until his teeth had fully erupted, or reached a stable position within his mouth, so that the new restoration would look natural long-term.  If restorations are done prematurely, a restored tooth continues to grow, and eventually, the junction of the natural tooth with the restoration would be visible below the gumline.

What we did

Dr. James coordinated Jackson’s treatment with a periodontist, in order to restore the gumline along with the damaged tooth.   Jackson received a temporary crown while his final, all ceramic crown was customized in the lab to match his smile.   We are so pleased with Jackson’s new smile!

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