Over the years, Steven had lost multiple teeth due to periodontal disease, a condition in which the bone and soft tissue around the teeth is gradually destroyed. As a result, his remaining upper teeth were mobile (loose). This instability, coupled with the lack of a full set of teeth, made it difficult for Steven to eat all of the things he once enjoyed. Steven was also interested in enhancing the appearance of his smile.

What we did

In order to address these functional and esthetic concerns, Steven’s general dentist referred him to Dr. James. Dr. James used a combination approach to restore Steven’s teeth. The upper arch was restored with implants and a full arch prosthesis. The lower teeth were treated with crowns to replace the missing tooth structure that had worn away.

Steven now smiles (and eats!) freely, and without embarrassment. The time and thought once spent on his teeth is now directed toward family, friends and hobbies.

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