Ceramic Bridge


Ron was referred to Dr. James by his neighbor, who happened to be a retired dentist. Ron had previously been through a series of dental procedures and treatments in an attempt to replace his missing upper front teeth. Unfortunately, numerous attempts to help Ron had failed, resulting in a large tissue deficit in the area of the missing teeth.  Having had unsatisfactory surgical results, Ron was seeking care that did not involve further attempts at bone grafting or implant placement.

What we did

After a consultation and evaluation, Dr. James recommended a fixed bridge for Ron. Dr. James and the laboratory technician worked closely together to craft not only beautiful teeth, but also natural looking soft tissue (gum tissue) to disguise areas of tissue loss along Ron’s gum line.  Ron is back to raising prize Koi fish. However, he has become a good friend of the practice and we enjoy seeing his full and confident smile when he visits.

Ceramic Bridge Close Up
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