Sara is a dentist practicing in western Wisconsin. As a child, her two upper front teeth were hit hard in a sporting accident. This trauma caused bleeding within the teeth, and eventually led to death of the nerve tissue inside the teeth. As a result, the damaged teeth were permanently discolored.

Sara’s general dentist and endodontist made multiple attempts to whiten the discolored teeth. Unfortunately, these efforts did not give Sara the result she had been hoping for.

What we did

As with all of her patients, when treating Sara, Dr. James worked to achieve the greatest effect using the most conservative approach possible. In Sara’s case, Dr. James was able to craft porcelain veneers to give Sara the smile she hoped for.

Like many prosthodontic patients, Sara had developed the habit of guarding her smile, for example, bringing her hand up to her face when she smiled, or smiling with closed lips. Dr. James and staff were pleased to help Sara return to her freely-smiling self:

“It is just so difficult to put into words what Dr. James’ technical and artistic dental abilities have done for me as a person and now, a dentist… is so much more than just a smile. Now I can speak with others (patients especially) and not wonder if they are staring at my teeth or actually paying attention to what I am saying. When I was a kid, people called me “Smiley,” because I always had a huge smile on my face – I loved to smile. You have brought me back to the state of mind of being “Smiley” once again and I cannot thank you enough. I get compliments on my smile all of the time and I am ALWAYS EXCITED to inform to those individuals of my great experience and outcome with you as my dental provider.” — Sara M., Dentist

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