For Patients

Thank you for entrusting your smile to our care.

We value you as a patient, and wish to provide the most pleasant treatment experience possible. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions or let us know of any concerns that you have, initially or during the course of your treatment.

Your First Visit

After you are greeted by our receptionist, we will take a brief history to learn why you are seeking prosthodontic care. Dr. James will listen to any concerns that you may have regarding your current dental health, function or appearance, and will perform a thorough oral, head and neck exam. If you are currently using a dental prosthesis, (such as a denture) Dr. James will also determine whether any improvements can be made to enhance its look, feel or function.

If you have been referred to our office, your dentist or dental specialist will likely send digital copies of your radiographic films. If we do not have the appropriate films, we can take digital images in our office. Dr. James will also take pictures of your mouth and teeth, and we will take upper and lower impressions for further study when your appointment is finished.

After your impressions are made, Dr. James will go over your personalized treatment options, providing a time and cost estimate for each option. We understand that prosthodontic treatment is often both extensive and a significant investment in your oral health. We welcome you to bring a spouse, significant other or family member to your appointment so that you may consider your treatment options together. Please be assured that whether you come alone or with another person, we respect that decisions about your oral health are ultimately yours to make, and we will not pressure you into a treatment plan.

After your visit, we will draft and send a formal treatment plan, detailing your procedures, the financial investment and our payment policy. If you have further questions, we welcome you to schedule a review appointment to discuss your preferred option. Once you are ready to move forward, we begin your individualized treatment.

What to Bring

Although we do not contract with any insurance companies, we will gladly prepare and submit any dental insurance claims on your behalf. Therefore, we ask that you please bring your insurance card and subscriber information to your first visit so that we may submit any dental claims for your reimbursement. Please see our financing page for your payment options.

Please also let us know if you have any drug, latex or metal allergies, if you are currently pregnant or plan to become pregnant in the near future, if you are a tobacco user, if you have had joint replacement or an artificial heart valve, or if you have any medical conditions. For your convenience, you may wish to fill out our intake form prior to your appointment, and bring it to our office.


We provide warm blankets for your comfort, are happy to play any music that you prefer and offer internet access on one of our tablet computers. Please let us know if we can do anything else to provide a comfortable, soothing environment for you.

Privacy Policy

Federal law requires us to notify our patients of our privacy policy. Please click here to read our Notice of Privacy Policy.